About Apollo Marine Specialties


Apollo Marine makes numerous items used by stevedoring and construction companies. We ship items across the USA and to various countries overseas. From personnel nets and ladders to wire rope and hardware, Apollo Marine Specialties, Inc. touches on all bases involving marine rigging supplies. Four of our ladders are United States Coast Guard (USCG) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approved. We offer two personnel nets, 4 man and 8 man capacities, that are American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) certified. Nylon webbing, chain, and wire rope slings are a few things that we pull test for further certification.

Company History

Dimitrios and Yanni Fronistas

Apollo Marine Specialties, Inc. opened on June 1, 1980, in New Orleans, Louisiana by two native Greek gentlemen. New Orleans was the perfect setting for a marine rigging company, since the city is surrounded by water bodies that serve several major stevedoring companies.

Nick Kostopoulos and Dimitrios Fronistas built this company for their children’s futures. The children (Nicole, Yanni and Adoni) currently work for the business in various degrees; sales, accounting, manufacturing, etc. Nick and Dimitrios have developed a successful company, for over 30 years, that has given the market numerous years of quality-made items and excellent customer service.